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Scholarship information

General Information

Scholarships are awarded to nursing students who demonstrate strong desire to promote the nursing profession through excellence in their studies, devotion to patient care and advancement of the nursing profession.

There are three categories, two scholarships of $500 each will be awarded in each category:

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • Master’s Entry Program Nursing (MEPN)
  • Advanced degree – Masters, Doctorate, PhD

Important Dates

  • Scholarships are open annually on January 1.
  • Applications and Letters of Support (2) are due each year by May 31.
  • Awards will be announced each year on July 15.
  • Awards will be distributed each year by August 1.


  • Applicants must be attending an accredited nursing school program to apply.
    • Bachelor Degree in Nursing – Must be currently attending BSN.
    • Master’s Entry Program Nursing (MEPN) – Must be current attending MEPN.
    • Advanced degree – Masters, Doctorate, PhD: must have completed their BSN, have their RN license and be attending or accepted to an accredited masters or doctorate program in nursing.
  • Applications will NOT be considered unless 2 Letters of Support are received by the due date.

Scholarship/Awards Committee Selection Criteria

The Committee will review each application and assign points (1-30) to the following:

  • ANA\C, CNSA or other nursing organization membership and participation
  • Other school organization or club membership and participation
  • Contributions in healthcare & nursing through volunteer and employment
  • Prior healthcare leadership history
  • Nursing career goals
  • Publications & presentations
  • Additional support information, awards, achievements, honors related to healthcare – EXCLUDING other scholarships