Golden State Nursing Foundation

The Golden State Nursing Foundation-GSNF is uniquely California. Started by a group of nurses in Northern California the foundation was specifically created to offer scholarships to nurses and to receive grants from outside donations to conduct and pursue activities consistent with the mission of GSNF. Besides awarding scholarships, the founders had a vision to create a Nurse Museum.

The purpose of the web site is to

  • keep the nursing community informed about the work of GSNF
  • create an awareness about GSNF among various nurse associations and organizations
  • provide an overview of the organization, its purpose and its mission
  • stimulate interest in GSNF and the California Museum of Nursing
  • encourage donations to support scholarships and the acquisition of a building to house the Nurse Museum
  • encourage people to become a Friend of GSNF giving consideration to planned gifting
  • encourage donations of nursing paraphernalia to the Museum
  • honor past, present, and future nurses
  • recognize all scholarship recipients
  • provide information about scholarships & awards, and grants
  • highlight the relationship between GSNF and the American Nurses Association of California (ANA\C)
  • and much more.

Our Mission is "To promote and provide programs for professional and educational advancement of nursing so that better nursing care may be provided to all people."